T 154 Polyisobutylene Succinimide lubricant oil additive dispersant chemical
Update time:2022-02-23
: 027-86653661

Quick Details

Classification:  Chemical Auxiliary Agent

CAS No.:  ashless dispersant

Other Names:  Polyisobutylene Succinimide

MF:  Polyisobutylene Succinimide

EINECS No.:  ashless dispersant

Purity:  /

Place of Origin:  Shanghai, China

Type:  ashless dispersant, ashless dispersant

Usage:  Petroleum Additives

Brand Name:  MINGLAN

Model Number:  T154

Color:  Red brown

Form:  Liquid

performance 1:  ashless dispersant

performance 2:  better detergency capability

performance 3:  Free of chlorine

performance 4:  marine cylinder oils gasoline engine oils

performance 5:  Used for blending medium and high grade diesel engine oils

Dosage:  2.0-4.0%